Sunday, August 24, 2008

Grace, Kerry and Me

Well, for some reason all the twitters and posts I did today have not migrated I have some fixin to do...

Meantime, here is part of a blog post I wrote for the New Haven Register:

I will be at this convention with 2 friends I've known for over 40 years: Grace Guggenheim and Kerry Kennedy. Grace's father Charles directed the documentary that honored Kerry's father Robert on that difficult day in Chicago in 1968. My father, Ward, whose own great-grandfather was the Mayor of Chicago, wrote movingly about the airing of that documentary for the Washington Post. He covered both conventions that year.

Kerry is here to honor her father, Grace is here because her father's documentary is airing again and also her brother Davis did the film for Barack on Thursday. I am here also because of history, I think...My great-grandfather was a newspaper publisher who also was a delegate to the 40 and 42 conventions, my grandfather was a publisher of the same paper who also was a delegate to the 1960 and 68 conventions. My father covered both conventions in 60 and 68.

So even though I never imagined even while working for Dean that I'd ever be in this place, when you look at history it seems almost inevitable.

Okay I'm to a party (briefly) then to the only good night's sleep I'm likely to have till Friday!

More tomorrow...

Oh, please check out flickr tho - I sent a bunch of pictures there so there is at least that.

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